Sheng Ran has joined the department

Sheng Ran joined the Department of Physics on July 1, 2020 as an Assistant Professor. His research aims to understand exotic states of quantum materials using techniques of bulk crystal synthesis, electric and thermal transport measurements under extreme temperature, pressure and magnetic fields, and neutron and high energy X-ray scattering. 

With the explosion in the field of quantum materials in the past decade, it is conceivable that a vast number of new materials with unprecedented quantum states and properties are yet to be discovered. This is exactly what Dr. Ran’s research lab is dedicated to: discovery, synthesis, characterization and control of novel quantum materials with emergent electronic and magnetic states.

Of particular interest are topological quantum materials showing the coexistence of topology and other quantum phases, e.g., superconductivity, magnetism, charge density waves, and ferroelectricity. Interplay of topology and these quantum phases gives rise to a variety of exotic quantum states, including the quantum anomalous Hall effect, topological axion states, and Majorana fermions, some of which have potential applications for quantum computing and spintronics. Topological revolution has been the central theme in condensed matter physics in the past decade; theoretical prediction and experimental realization of such composite topological quantum materials has just started, and extensive experimental efforts are desperately needed.

Ran received his PhD from Iowa State University and has been a Postdoctoral scholar at University of Maryland and University of California - San Diego.